1 April 13 

Dark Rye

Harpoon House was featured in this issue of the on line magazine Dark Rye.  A great little video about us and our house, plus some photos and recipes.

 1 November 12 

Energy From the Sun Part 2

We are once again looking into how we might be able to install a solar array on our roof. The finances are tough for us right now, but there is some incentive to get some installed because the Buckman Historic Association has decided to go through with submitting a nomination for our neighborhood as a historic district… Were this to go through, the installation of solar panels in our part of Buckman would become nearly impossible.

So anyways, with this in mind, we have run through what our expenses would look like under three different scenarios:

Read more »

 9 August 12 

Planning, Policy, and Design for Occupancy

Recently there has been a bit of a slow down in my Harpoon House updating… Mostly because there hasn’t been much new to post about. There will be more updates as some future house projects ramp up including installation of a small solar array. But for now, I wanted to mention that I have set up a blog on tumblr that has been discussing policy and planning issues, some with a Portland specific focus. In the future I will also be including updates for various Design for Occupancy projects, and other goings on related to my architecture firm.

So while things are quiet here at Harpoon House, head over to tumblr to find out what I’ve been up to and what issues are on my mind.

 14 July 12 


Just a quick update, we are going to be on an upcoming tour of modern homes in Portland.  If you’re interested, head over to the tour web site.

 15 May 12 


As we mentioned earlier, we have been filling space with meadowfoam because it is green during the fall and reseeds itself nicely. I had ordered a large packet of seeds for white meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba), and tried sprouting them various ways with some success just throwing seed onto one of our ecoroofs. Of those I tried to start indoors only a few sprouted, and those that did looked quite different from those that were growing on our ecoroof. Read more »

 26 April 12 

Camassia quamash

One of the nice spring surprises this last week has been that our camas has decided to bloom. Read more »

 23 April 12 

Evenings on the Roof

With the onset of spring, and our recent beautiful weather, we have been able to enjoy one of our favorite aspects of the house: Dinners on our ecoroof. We have a small area of pavers sitting amongst ferns, strawberries and camas with a little round table and a lovely view of the neighborhood, downtown, and the sunset. Just about the best way possible to enjoy a warm spring evening.

 3 April 12 

Spring Planting

We have recently started up with the Portland Audobon’s Backyard Habitat Certification Program and picked up plants from one of their seasonal sales this last weekend. Read more »

 15 February 12 

Meadowfoam Love

Over the last year we have become pretty enamored with a particular group of plants -Meadowfoam… Due in large part to one great reason, they are an off season plant. Read more »

 12 February 12 

Signs of Spring

Just as before, it seems that our ecoroofs seem to know when the season is about to change before anything else does. Over the last week or so, camas has been popping up all over the place on both of our roofs that have some. Read more »

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