January 5th, 2010

Our Octopus

Yesterday a crazy tangle of ducts was installed in our basement for our HRV… I think all of it can neatened up substantially if the unit is turned to the right. If we did that, the ducts to the outside would be pointing the right way out of the unit, and the ducts to the inside will also be pointed the right way. We hung the unit in the current orientation the other day mostly so that the access panel was easy to get to, not really thinking about the mess that it would create… Then the heating guy came in and just rolled with it. So there’s some cleanup to do over the next day or two before the sheetrockers come in.


The sidewalk guys came back and prepped our SE Ash sidewalk, so thats ready to pour as soon as the weather cooperates. The SE 17th side isn’t so lucky. While ripping out all the sidewalk that we broke, they discovered some really large roots attached to the tulip tree that we are required to protect. So now there’s a wait for that sidewalk until we can talk to the city and determine what the best thing to do is. We might just be doing something as simple as raising the sidewalk by a few inches to accommodate the roots, or we might do something like putting in pavers or jogging the sidewalk. Whatever happens, it’ll be a little while before its decided, so we have a big muddy lake in the right of way.

Washington High School News

A few days ago the Daily Journal of Commerce had an article about a developer becoming interested in working with the community center efforts. Its not quite the fantasy solution that Brian Libby proposed a few months ago of turning the school over to PICA for exhibition space, but were this to go through, it would likely put option B back on the table which called for using a couple floors of the school as classroom and art space while building a new structure adjacent to the school for pool and athletic facilities. Housing on the upper floors isn’t straight up preservation, but could be reasonable adaptive reuse if done right. Most importantly though, if they aren’t trying to shove a pool and basketball court into the shell of the school, there will be the opportunity to keep the theater intact which could become a very valuable part of the new community center.


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