January 8th, 2010

Insulation and Sidewalk

Insulation went in yesterday. Despite the SIPs, our house in conventionally framed in the basement so we needed to insulate. Instead of standard fiberglass insulation, we’re using recycled cotton batt. Our walls lived a former life as blue jeans. Our contractor figured that we were probably spending about 30% more for this, but the trade off is that we don’t have to worry about carcinogens or irritants in the air.

the Sidewalks

Our sidewalks finally got poured yesterday while there was a break in the weather. The decision made about the tree roots was to raise the sidewalk and add more compacted gravel in between the roots and concrete. The forester wasn’t actually that concerned about the roots as long as we didn’t cut them… Apparently its the ends of the roots that are the sensitive part. I was a little concerned about raising the sidewalk at first because it would be bad to have water drain in through our basement doors, but they were able to keep it to four inches below basement level. Incidentally, our slab was poured above the footings rather than in between as our engineer had detailed it, making it four inches higher than it was supposed to be.


Continuing  progress. Its not the top priority, but it keeps getting done while there are breaks in preparing for the sheetrock which is scheduled to start on Monday. The siding is going on with screws, so we should be able to continue with it in parallel with the sheetrock over the next couple weeks. Were it nailed on, the banging on the outside could disrupt work on the inside.


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