January 23rd, 2010

Siding and Updates

I met with the drywall guy yesterday and got the texture sorted out. We’re going for smooth wall. As it turns out, at this point, its easier to make it all smooth than to do a lighter texture. So yesterday and today they are sanding down the walls so we’ll be ready for paint on Monday. The schedule from here is to have the painter come in on Monday, then on Tuesday the flooring will begin to go in… They might be able to finish up laying it in place in just a couple days, then Thursday or possibly Friday our cabinets finally get installed.

Our framer would like to come out on Tuesday to hoist the steel frame into place, which would be great for the siding because there may only be one more solid day of work before we need the frame to be able to finish siding… The tricky part with that is scheduling soil delivery. We are hoping that we can have our soil delivered in bags that the crane will just hoist into place, but they may not be able to be here that early.




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