May 28th, 2009

No Fence!

Yesterday the sellers got their contractor to take out the little chain link fence around our lot, they then rebuilt one in between our lot and the one that it was divided from.  Even though we’ve technically owned the lot for about two months so far, it has felt weird going on to it.  The fence has been enclosing out lot with the house next to it so we felt a little like we were violating our neighbor’s space when hopping the fence.  We’re not really big on fences, but having something in between us and the seller’s property is probably a reasonable idea.  The house our lot was divided from is now a vacation rental, so we’ll be having an assortment of random neighbors who might not necessarily know where our yard begins.

Also, note the pink marks on  the sidewalk and the street.  We recently found out that the city will be working on putting in new sewers in our neighborhood (Oak Basin Sewer Project).  Its a two year project and I’ve been in contact with someone in the city about it.  They don’t have a schedule for construction in front of our house yet which probably means that we’ll be done with our house before they start.  The unfortunate thing about this is that we’ll likely be putting in about 20 feet of pipe that will promptly be ripped out and replaced.  But better infrastructure is nice to have.

And here is one more view, this one from our lot:

While we were out  we finally met our neighbors, one of whom offered to mow our increasingly shaggy lawn.  I think he was planning on doing it this morning, which is much appreciated since we were trying to figure out how we could get our hands on a lawn mower by this weekend so that we can barbecue.


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