January 26th, 2010

Steel and Soil

The crane was out today, probably for the last time. It was out today to put up the steel frame for our screen around the lower roof garden, and to lift soil onto the roof. Now that the steel frame is here, our house volume is complete and we can finish up the siding.

Timing worked out surprisingly well. The framers started hoisting the steel into place around 9:00am and had most of it up by the time soil arrived. We were concerned that there would be issues because we ordered the mix very last minute. The soil order wasn’t finalized until yesterday late afternoon, so we were preparing for it to show up late in the day long after the steel frame was put in place.

The soil for our roof showed up in seven bags that were a cubic yard each which have drawstrings on the bottom so they were lifted into place above where the soil needed to go, and then emptied onto our roof. There were a variety of delivery methods that we could choose that ranged from just dumping soil on the ground to bringing out a conveyor truck to throw the soil onto our roof. We opted for the bags because it seemed like the simplest way to go, plus it minimized the mess. There’s still a little more work to do to finish up prep work for the ecoroofs, but we should be ready for planting soon.

And on the inside our drywall guys are still going… They’re kind of perfectionists. We had expected them to sand down the walls and take off, but they keep spotting and patching little imperfections so now our paint and flooring is being delayed by a few days.


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