February 11th, 2010

Entry Landscaping

This week our entry steps and patio are being built. Concrete was poured two days ago, and tomorrow they will start putting in pervious pavers in the patio and basement entry.

The entry patio will eventually have a cover over it that will be part ecoroof and part trellis. Its not a big space, but it gives a nice covered area for our mailbox, and will probably be pleasant to sit and read in when the weather is nice. Plus it helps divide up our lot… We only have a half sized lot (50′ x 50′) and one of our strategies for maximizing useful outdoor space was to think of our yard as a series of outdoor rooms, the entry patio helps define those spaces.


The substrate for our countertop went in, and we’re now just waiting for the steel to show up next week. We realized while setting things up, that there is only one wire coming in by the oven… But we need one for the oven and one for our cooktop. ┬áIts not clear right now if only one went in in the first place, or if something was buried at some point. Something we probably need to figure out soon.

The bathroom is on its way as well. We are plastering the walls for our shower surround, and wonderboard went in to get ready for our tile which is a pile of Heath seconds that we got for $5 per square foot. The little opening that you can see in the tub deck is for a pull out step stool.


And for a siding update, we’re now done with all but the west side. It would be great if this could be finished this week, but we’re probably looking at Monday next week. It’ll be nice when its over, because we’re over budget on the labor for it.


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