February 17th, 2010

Patio and Deck

It was a beautiful day today which facilitated a lot of progress on the outside of the house. Work was being done on the inside as well, but it involved sanding and finishing floors so I didn’t actually get much of a chance to go in to check it out. Flooring was supposed to be done last week, but the guys doing it ended up getting sick, so it was pushed back. The cedar siding is nearly done, but has been delayed due to running out of wood. We have one wall that will not have the cedar on it, thats the bedroom wall facing the ecoroof, it’ll be a similar open seam rain screen but made with Hardie Panel. And that may happen in the next day or two.


The patio and basement entry pavers were all finished up today. They were set over the last few days and compacted into place with drain rock today. All the big hard surfaces on our site are pervious pavers so that stormwater can infiltrate on site.

Soon, we’ll have a cover over this patio which will be mostly open trellis sporting grape vines with a small ecoroof front of the door for shelter in the winter.


We have some of the best new neighbors, and one of the best neighborhood flocks of chicken.

Our Deck

All of our decking got installed today. We are still in need of stairs down from it and a guardrail, but the surface is real and finished.

In the next few days we’ll be getting a large delivery of rock and a few gabion baskets that will make up our front retaining wall for our garden terrace by the sidewalk. As we prepare for move-in (second week of March), we’ll be spending our weekends working on getting the yard in order. This weekend is landscaping and hopefully tree planting, the following weekend is when we’re hoping to plant our ecoroofs.


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