May 24th, 2010

Sedums and Trim

We went up to our upper ecoroof for the first time in two months over the weekend. This roof is entirely sedums in an attempt to make it as low maintenance as possible and they were planted by throwing piles of cuttings around and then waiting to let them root. So now coming back up two months later, we’ve found everything thriving and surprisingly red. The same species are down in a little patch on our lower ecoroof, but those stayed green. The redness apparently has to do with lack of water/poor soil, the upper roof has gotten the same amount of water as the lower (only rainfall) and has the same soil, but is way more exposed and probably dries out much quicker.

We went out and purchased an extension ladder on Saturday morning and are really excited to be able to get to the top more often. Our plan was to install a library ladder to the outside that would allow access from our lower ecoroof, but have since changed our minds and decided that what we really need is a hatch that opens up from our bedroom. Not something we can actually afford right now, but it’ll be the first big project once we have a little money to work with.

Wood Finish

This weekend was also a big weekend in that we finally started dealing with all of our exposed untreated wood around the house. All of our windows, interior doors, trim, and handrails are raw wood and we’ve probably put off finishing them for too long already… For now we’re only tackling the first floor with the upstairs to follow once we’ve recovered. After having felt pretty settled in the house we’ve already managed to make the downstairs feel like a complete construction zone by masking off all the windows and trim and moving all our stuff into piles in the middle of the room. But the plan is to do one coat per evening and be done Tuesday night.


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