September 20th, 2010

Portland Tribune

The Portland Tribune that came out this last Thursday has an article about residential ecoroofs and pretty prominently features our house. The article is about the benefits of ecoroofs and why it makes sense to put soil and plants on your roof, and why it is a financially good idea for the city to give out grants to get people to build ecoroofs. We’re pretty excited to be such a major part part in the article, and if you’re thinking about installing one yourself, this article is probably worth a read.


We have licorice ferns on our roof. Specifically on the ecoroof that connects to our bedroom. They are summer deciduous, and when they lose their fronds they lose everything down to the soil surface… So for the last several months they have looked like little mossy lumps, and with the recent cool wet weather they have been sprouting back with tufts of fronds much larger than they were when we planted in the spring. Additionally it looks like we have 100% success rate with the ferns surviving the summer. It probably helps that they go dormant during the harshest season for plants growing on an ecoroof, but they still didn’t get much time to establish themselves and its great to see them doing so well.

Build it Green Tour

Just a reminder, the Build it Green Tour is this coming Saturday and we are on it along with several other really great homes. Plus, it looks like the weather is going to be gorgeous.


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