January 2nd, 2011

Things That Leak

We’re still working through various little issues with the house that really don’t show themselves until they are put under stress. The photo above is of the drain for our HRV… In the heat exchange unit, there is the possibility that condensation can form. In our situation, this is generally in the mornings when warm moist air from a shower or bath is cooled while transferring heat from outside air. The condensate then drops into a little pan and drains out through a little plastic tube. Unfortunately, the drainage hardware that came with our HRV just doesn’t fit, it is too small to sit in the drainage holes, so we rigged up our own drainage pipes. These always seemed a little hacked together and didn’t seat itself well into the drainage pan but, interestingly enough, we don’t see any condensation unless the outside air temperature drops below freezing. So almost all the time it has worked fine, but this week it has been dripping like crazy. Ultimately, we will probably redo the whole drainage setup… But for now, we went with the cheap fix of slathering some silicone caulk around the drain to see if it holds water properly.


We have also had a little issue with one of our windows, we had noticed some wetness collecting on the top of the sash of the awning section of our bedroom window, but then recently when a big storm came in water was blown in wetting the inside of the window. Fortunately, the warranty covers guys to come out who determined that it was a bit tweaked and were able to adjust the window, making it sit better.


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