February 26th, 2011

Yet More Yard Work

Lemon Blossoms

These last few weeks we have done a lot to wrangle our yard into shape for the spring and are beginning to get starts ready for the garden. Our main task for the last couple weekends was to move a pile of mushroom compost and a pile of mulch, both of which had been sitting on the park strip. Aside from not really enjoying that we have had a variety of different piles of soil sitting out in front of the house continuously for months, we preordered a bunch of plants from the East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District’s native plant sale… Many of which were going to be picked up bare root to be planted where those piles were. We also had the task of working through our backlog of plants that we had purchased but not had chances to put in the ground as well as planting all the new stuff.

Somewhat to our surprise, we were able to get it all done. The park strip is level(ish) with a very small bigleaf maple, service berry, and red flowering currant. Under our deck we planted a False Salomon’s Seal, a bunch of ferns, bleeding hearts, and woodland sorrel… And out front we filled out our beginning of a native meadow with Oregon Irises and Douglas’ Aster. ┬áNot that any of this really looks like much at the moment, it all has to either start spreading or wake up from the winter, but soon hopefully.

Lemon Tree

On the inside, thanks to the below freezing temperatures we have been having this last week, our lemon and lime trees have been enjoying the comfort of our bedroom. In addition, they have been really happy with the casings from our worm bin that recently fed them with. Probably because of the warmth inside, the lemon tree has started blooming like crazy filling our upstairs with fragrant goodness.


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