May 20th, 2011

Things in Bloom

Western Red Columbine in our front has begun to bloom.

We have a handful of mature streambank lupine in our park strips as part of our street side meadow… One has become crazy huge. Over the winter we sprouted several inside, so now we have quite a few very small streambank lupine that may at some point get crazy huge as well.

We purchased a flat of Douglas’ Meadowfoam for a couple of reasons. First is that it is green all winter, it comes up in the fall and stays around until the summer (we are trying to focus on getting more winter life in our yard). And second is that it readily self-sows, so hopefully we’ll have quite a bit more this winter. They are both out in our park strip and on our entry ecoroof.

One of our volunteers, a false solomon’s seal. While we thought that the only plant that came with our yard was a hydrangea bush, adjacent to it is a pretty robust false solomon’s seal. I don’t imagine that it was planted, but it has obviously been around for years because there are six stalks and they’re all quite large. It compliments well our other volunteers of sword fern, marsh violet, and foxglove.


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