May 25th, 2011

The other side of the sidewalk

Now that our yard is beginning to take shape, this summer and fall is our time to tackle our park strips in earnest. Recently, we built ourselves a paver landing pad for our recycling garbage and yard debris. Shortly after moving in we realized that in order to roll our bins out to the street for pickup, we had to trudge through weeds and mud. This spring we finally remedied this. For much of the spring we had piles of soil occupying this area… After dealing with our piles, we were able to get the landing pad in place and have a not so muddy place so set our bins.


The big task is to get our plantings in place so that our park strips are populated by plants we want to grow. We have had pretty good success in one section where we planted streambank lupine and western red columbine last August. It took a year, but the lupine especially has grown quite a bit. Combined with meadowfoam, we have a small section that is in pretty good shape.

Around other parts of our park strips, we have many plants in place, but most aren’t very grown up. We have some shrubs that need a bit to grow, primarily our plan is to make this all a bit of a wildflower meadow due to the full sun it gets and hot dry conditions that everything planted there is subjected to. In addition to the lupine and meadowfoam, we have a few native alliums (after ecoroof success, we have become pretty big fans of nodding onions). This fall we plan on seeding as much as we can with more alliums, camas, lupine and meadowfoam.

Street Tree Success!

We have not had the best success with one of our street trees. Our first one seemed like it was just a dud, the second one got broken (probably tripped over, the perils of street plantings). So we now have tree number three, and it has been throwing out leaves for the last month, so we have hopes that this one makes it.


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