July 18th, 2011


Despite the cool rainy weather, our ecoroofs are telling us that summer may in fact be here. Our licorice ferns have begun to dry up and lose their fronds. They are summer deciduous, so this is totally expected and is part of the seasonal cycle that we really enjoy with our plantings. Well adapted to the seasonal rain here on the west coast, in October and November when fall rains start to kick in they will spring back from the roots.

Our faux lawn

We have a portion of our back yard that we designated as a lawn type area. There’s no turf grass, mostly native wildflowers like yarrow… But the idea was to fill the lawn need, and outdoor room that serves as a place to lay around in the yard. In practice however we just don’t use it, so we’ve begun to reevaluate the space. It generally only gets sun for a few hours in the morning, so its not that useful for food. We’re considering a small patio area flanked by the ferns and native ground cover that we are starting to grow under our deck, and we have also been discussing the possibilities of an outdoor brick oven.

Horseradish: the gift that keeps on giving

Just recently we noticed our horseradish coming back. We planted some last spring, harvested all the roots that we could find, and then filled in the hole once occupied by a plant… And now a year later, after zero effort on our part, we are growing a fresh crop of horseradish. I guess they can become a little weedy, but they are delicious and its nice to grow our own spices.


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