July 22nd, 2009

Work Begins!

Sewer Work

Walking to work this morning I wandered past the lot to check on progress and was pleased to see that heavy equipment was parked in our increasingly weedy yard.  I had been warned yesterday by our contractor that this might happen and that things were finally rolling, the last few weeks were a bit agonizing.  After permits came in about three weeks ago we were out of town and there were delays because of the Fourth of July before site work could really start.  Our contractor met with the excavator and sewer guy and they decided that it would be most efficient if we were to start with bringing the sewer in from the street.

This is where things took way longer than we were hoping for. Really everyone stayed pretty on top of everything, but there are always little things that prolong the process and we were pretty excited when permits came through to get to digging right away. But there were some steps that had to happen before digging could start… The city issues a separate sewer permit, they were ready to do this but in order for our sewer guy to pick up the permit, he needed to provide them with some paperwork as well as apply for a road closure permit… For the road closure permit, he needed to submit a traffic management plan. So the net result is that it took about a week to get all that together and yesterday our contractor called me up to let us know that the last bit of stuff was being dropped off at the city and if it was all good they would be cutting the street today and digging and putting in a pipe on Thursday and Friday.

Nine Hours Later:

Then on our way home from work we had another pleasant surprise.  I still didn’t know if work was going to be starting today, or if there were still some things to clear up causing work to be pushed back a couple of days, but we came home to some cuts in the street and a second large machine parked on our now freshly mowed lot.

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  1. The City of Portland strikes again! Congratulations on finally breaking ground Matt!

    Comment by Melissa — July 23, 2009 @ 08:53

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